Natural food- Understanding its meaning and definition

Food is any essential substance that provides nutritional support for our body to grow and repair. Nature has bestowed us with an abundance of natural food items whether derived from plant of animal sources that are either consumed in their natural form or cooked and processed to enhance flavours or appeal to taste.


What is meant by natural food: Natural food refers to food which has not been processed much and does not have any artificial ingredients added to it. The food industry has been thriving in its efforts to increase its variety to meet regular consumer needs. The recent times has seen a paradigm shift in increased care of body and health. The need for maintaining healthy eating habits has significantly upsurged the demand for natural foods that undergo minimal of no use of hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavours. is one such niche where you can find a variety of natural food products.

In fact, several surveys across the globe has indicated that people believe that the term ‘natural’ used for food items contain no artificial ingredients. It becomes essential to understand the products better as terms are often used and misused on advertisements and on product labels. The International Food and Agriculture Organization, does not recognize the term ‘natural’, instead has a set standard for organic foods.


Meaning of natural food by its product and process:


Not all categories and kinds of food are readily consumable. Different countries publish different criteria for the use of several terms in food labelling. In general, the guidance restricts the use of natural foods that have ingredients produced by nature and are not interfered otherwise. In other countries natural food labelling may have different standards, where food processing techniques like fermentation or pasteurization are considered acceptable to labelling food as natural, like dairy products.znaturalfoods offer a guide to choosing your preferred product.






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