Adu Q, a close relative of Domino QQ-the online poker game

If you are a good fan and a good player at playing the domino qq card game online, then you must be glad to hear this out that there is yet another game much similar to the domino qq called Adu Q.

How does it differ from Domino QQ?

Adu q is nothing but a traditional domino card game which is famous among other domino card game lovers. Adu q is another good and fun and addictive card game with rules and regulations which are easy to understand and formulate it in the gameplay.

If you’re stuck at the office and your boss isn’t looking, then you can quickly turn on your avatar on the website and enjoy a few online games like Domino q or Bandar q etc.

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Rules to play the game

The rules for playing Adu Q is discussed below and by looking and reading through the rules you’ll find it rather intriguing that’ll make you want to play even more.

  1. In a game of Adu Q, the table is set for a total number of 8 players.
  2. The players choose the size of the table they want to play, bets on the table while selecting the size of the table in the lobby.
  3. The players are given the minimum option that they need to purchase prior to sitting for the Adu q game. After the players set in the minimum bet is called for on the table and the players place their lowest bets on the Adu q table.
  4. Every player on the table receives 2 domino cards the player with the highest combined value of which is declared as the winner of the game. Highest values of the 2 cards combined include 9/19, 8/18, 1/17, 6/16 etcetera. While the smallest values of the 2 cards combined are 10 and 20.
  5. The winner is declared after the cards of every player is disclosed and if two players have the same combined value, the holder of the backing card is declared the winner.

Choosing other alternatives to play and place bets on

So as you can see from the above rules that the game is just a traditional domino style game with minor changes which are easy to comprehend and easy to understand and play the dominos out of your mind.  If you want to try on other games, you can also try playing Bander Sakong online.