Domino qq: A whole new world to explore and have fun with

Domino qq is fast gripping the young generation with its unique pattern of game. The game is played with a set of twenty-eight dominoes. The numbers of players that can play the game vary from zero to six where six implies the maximum number that can play the game.

The twenty-eight dominoes are then dealt to the players with four cards being dealt to each player. Only four cards shall be distributed to each player irrespective of the number of players playing. The domino consists of two parts- an upper end and a lower end. These ends are separated by a line.

Each card is assigned a value that depends on the number of circles the card contains. The cards also get grouped depending on the number of spheres or spots. For example, if the number of cards is seven, that is, zero through six and one end of the card is empty it is called a series of zero.

Likewise, if one end of the card contains one sphere and there is a group of six cards, that is, one through six then this series shall be called a series of one. The series goes on till one end contains six spheres and it has only one card, the card six itself.


The game is also known as domino 99.

Who are poker agents for dominos?

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