What are the jobs of a housekeeper

Housekeepers are those that can be found on sites such as Cfait. These housekeepers are responsible for cleaning of households. They either can be used to clean one or several rooms or even the whole house. These housekeepers perform a number of tasks such as mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, making of beds, dusting and washing of dishes.

There are some of the housekeepers which specialize in a certain area like only cleaning of kitchens or bathrooms. Others offer more generalized functions. Once certain parts of the home or the entire home is given to the housekeeper to perform, they need to ensure that all the sections and rooms are neat, clean and tidy.

Usually when you have a housekeeper who comes to your house from one of the sites or organizations such as Cfait Montreal they usually undertake the following tasks:



  1. They clean the hallways, work areas, living areas and rooms.
  2. They change the sheets as well as towels. They make beds and wash, fold as well as iron clothes
  3. They empty waste baskets as well as they take the trash and garbage to disposal areas
  4. They replenish the soap as well as toilet paper
  5. They polish and dust the equipments as well as furniture
  6. They sweep, wax and polish floors
  7. They vacuum carpets, rugs as well as various upholstery
  8. They polish the windows, woodwork as well as walls
  9. They wash the vessels and dishes
  10. They move and lift light equipment and objects

These people do not need specialized training or skills, but usually there are organizations and places which offer these housekeeping services only once the person has accompanied experienced and seasoned housekeepers. That way they know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done as well.